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Trailer Weight | Coolhorse

Most manufactures of new trailers will have a stated "shipping weight" or "empty weight" of trailers they build on the MSO/Title/Certificate of Origin of the trailer. This includes Platinum and Trails West and those weights are very accessible. However, the problem lies with custom built living quarters. Most trailer companies do not install their own living quarters (Trails West is an exception to this) so their stated empty weight will not include the living quarter, it will only be for the trailer shell itself. It is also rare for a new trailer that has had a custom LQ installed to be weighed after production. For this reason, we have included a few formulas that help us "estimate" weights on used trailers as well as our new Platinum trailers with Outlaw Conversions. These are all based on the "box length" of the trailer (the length of the trailer not including the nose or the "deck"). Again, these are just estimates and before purchasing or pulling any trailer, please check with the manufacture about exact weights.

Formulas for approximate empty weights of trailers

Aluminum Stock Trailers 175 lbs per foot of box length
Aluminum Stock Combos 225 lbs per foot of box length
Aluminum Horse Trailers (non lq) 275 lbs per foot of box length
Aluminum LQ Shells (before LQ) 275 lbs per foot of box length
Aluminum LQ Trailers w/ LQ 380-425 lbs per foot of box length

Living Quarter Conversions only 250 lbs per foot of short wall length

If you have any further questions regarding the weight of horse and stock trailers, please feel fee to email us