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Custom Trailers | Coolhorse

We would love to build you a customized trailer that fits your exact needs!!! This is quite common with the new lines of trailers we represent including Platinum Coach, Lakota Trailers, and Reyes Ranch Trailers.

Deposits required depend upon the size and scope of the trailer. We require anywhere from a 10 to 25% deposit on special orders. The balance is then required upon completion.

Please remember, building of your trailer begins only after the official trailer order is "signed off" by the purchaser, the manufacturer receives the order and your deposit is received. On smaller, simpler trailers, quotes and option sheets can take as little as 1 day to draw up and quote the trailer you would like to order. On more complicated LQ trailers and large horse trailers, the process of quoting and choosing options can take as long as 4 weeks to finalize options, drawings, and quotes (before trailer order is even placed).

The Process is fairly simple:

  1. You give us the details that are important to you and your family
  2. We "draw up" the trailer along with a price quote
  3. You revise as necessary to fit budget and specs
  4. You sign off on trailer/LQ once all of your options and pricing criteria are met
  5. You send deposit
  6. We place official order with manufacturer
  7. You wait with great anticipation while YOUR trailer is being built