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Family owned since 1989 in Amarillo, Texas. 


Our story

It’s taken over three decades of evolving for our customers to reach who we are and where we are today at Coolhorse.

Our humble origins start in 1989 in Amarillo, Texas.  I was a ranch kid straight out of Texas Tech University in Lubbock looking for a short career, before heading back to help my family with our ranch in New Mexico.  I didn’t find that job but was presented with an opportunity of purchasing a small feed store called Foust Feed & Supply from Tommy Foust.  It was small, quaint, packed full of feed and hay, very busy, and it is what built the foundation for our current business. We learned retail, we learned long hours, we learned how to grow, and most importantly, we learned how to listen and take care of our customers.


Although many seem to think we are a franchise, our sole location is in Amarillo, Texas.  I mention this only because our geographic region has played such a large role in shaping who we are today.  The Texas panhandle is known for its large, historic ranches, the American Quarter Horse, cattleman, large feedyards and dairies, and good, hard working people. They have shaped our work ethics, our respect for others, our graciousness, and the need to want to help people.  They have kept us accountable.

 Fast forward 10 years to 1999.  We built a new location on the south part of Amarillo, domain is registered, and our first web site is built. was slow, gangly, and hokey, just like all of the websites of that era, and it fit right in with dial up internet and AOL browsers. Orders started slowly creeping in. We did not grow wildly rich.

Early 2000’s and the trailer service center was added onto our existing location on Bell street. Trailers and trailer parts start arriving soon thereafter.  We were one of the first Platinum Coach dealers in the US and still very proud to be stocking this line 20+ years later.  We poured ourselves into learning the trailer industry and coupled it with what we had learned in our retail business which was take care of your customers and they will take care of you.  Saddles, trailers, tack, and horse supplies slowly started to crowd out our feed business. 

The next 15 years saw many good times and a few rough times sprinkled in.  (What doesn’t kill you makes you tougher, right?) We squeaked through the recession of 2008-2010 and came out the other side….just barely.  In 2015, long time family friends, Pete and Becca White, joined the Harris family in ownership of Coolhorse. They brought new energy, ideas, and business savvy from their years in Ford and Dodge dealerships in the Texas panhandle.By 2020, our mail order and trailer business had grown so significantly that we needed to make a change.  We sold our feed and hay business to a local store here in Amarillo, Robinson’s Family Feed,  to create more room for the rest of our business.  Feed warehouses were remodeled into shipping areas and saddle and tack inventory was doubled. We built a full service leather shop and then we transformed our hay barn into a new service shop for trailers, coaches, RVs, and trucks. 

So I’ve presented you with a brief timeline and picture of Coolhorse growing to where it is today.  The body, if you will. But the harder part to paint is a picture of the heart and sole of our business, our team.  I’m not enough of a wordsmith to adequately describe our people and the amount of care these folks have exhibited to shape our business. That simply needs to be experienced.  There are 30+ team members that are spread across our business, from trailer sales, trailer service, marketing, accounting, retail, customer service, saddle sales, and management.  Many have been with us for 10-15 years and they all seem to have a common bond; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. If you haven’t already, I hope you get to meet and experience a handful of them soon.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about Coolhorse.  I am so grateful and blessed for the opportunity to be in the equine industry with so many wonderful customers and with such a great team surrounding me.  It’s good to get up and go to work each day.

Hope to meet you soon,
Matt Harris- Co-Owner and Founder

Hope to meet you soon,
Matt Harris- Co-Owner and Founder

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