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At Coolhorse it is an easy one time process to upload your saddles for sale or trade! We are going to give you the step by step how to guide here, but you’ll also find the LINK at the end of this blog that will take you directly to the upload page where you’ll start the process! Let’s start with a few “need to knows” first....... Fair warning- we've been told that we are a "little picky" on saddles that we buy or we take on trade! We only buy and sell American made, western saddles. We prefer handmade, popular…

How To Inspect Horse Tack for Safety

Unfortunately, horse tack won't last forever, no matter how well you take care of it. After excessive use, you'll need to replace your horse equipment to keep yourself and your horse safe. Failing to do so could severely injure your horse and put you at risk of certain dangers, such as falling. For beginner riders, understanding when to replace your equipment can be a struggle.  Sometimes, your equipment needs replacing, while at other times, it is merely malfunctioning and needs adjusting. Whether replacing or adjusting is the solution, you should inspect your tack every time you plan to ride to get to…