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The Difference Between Cutting and Roping Saddles

Cutting and roping are both Western-style horseback riding sports. They have many similarities on the outside, but their goals and techniques are vastly different. Their saddle types are also very different to accommodate some of these fundamental differences in the two sports.    Differences in the Sports   Understanding the difference between cutting and roping saddles starts with an understanding of each sport. Cutting specifically aims to separate a cow from its herd. In this sport, the rider and horse must work as a team as they anticipate and control the cow’s movements. On the other hand, roping involves taking an animal down.…

Tips To Get Your Horse in a Trailer Successfully

If your horse has never been trailered before, your trailer probably looks like a big scary metal box to them. Even some of the most trained professionals have trouble loading their horses sometimes. Regardless of your level of expertise, considering these extra tips to get your horse in a trailer successfully will make your future travel much less stressful. Let Them Be Curious and Comfortable First  If this is your horse’s first time in a trailer, don’t expect to load them right before you need to leave. You should practice many times beforehand and let your horse get comfortable at…