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Schulz Equine Coming In Hot

The trendiest tack is here and it is from Schulz Equine! Pictured above is the "The Beat Bag" which is a saddle pouch equipped with 2 rechargeable blue tooth speakers ready to play your music or to amplify your coaches voice while riding. The beat bag is insulated front and back to keep your items safe while riding, has 2 nylon straps with clips to attach to your saddle pommel, 2 clips to clip to your belt loops or english saddle. The bluetooth speakers easily connect to your device by selecting "Beat Bag" in the bluetooth options, and comes with…

Perfect Saddle Pad

Here at Coolhorse, we pride ourselves on our saddle pad inventory. We stock the best saddle pads for top of the line looks, and performance. A saddle pad is a very important piece of tack in your trailer or barn. Let's make sure you have the right one! Our first best seller starts with the Cactus Saddlery, Trevor Brazile Relentless Ortho Wool Felt Pad. Contoured Shape runs the full length of the pad to reduce stress on the pad. This provides long lasting leather reinforcement of the pad. This pad is the ultimate for long lasting durability. Cactus Saddlery uses…