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Saddle Upload

Do you have a "gently used" WESTERN saddle to sell? Show it to us. Use the form below to upload pictures and if we are interested we will cut you a check as soon as the saddle arrives here (pending inspection). We are always in search of good, used western saddles. Once we determine value and make an offer, you ship or bring your saddle to us; we'll fund next business day.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Name brand saddles
  • Maker-stamped Western saddles - Ranchers, Ropers, Barrel, Trail, etc.
  • Quality handmade saddles from Martin, Coats, HR, Cactus, Billy Cook, Circle Y, Teskey's, Coolhorse, Trent Ward, Double J and similar brands.

NO ENGLISH, DRESSAGE, or AUSTRALIAN saddles, please! No broken trees, rotted leather and other damages that can't be repaired.