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Trailer Warranty | Coolhorse

All of our new trailers, including Platinum, Lakota, and Reyes include a warranty from the manufacturer. Each company is a little different and handles warranty claims slightly different. Freight to and from the manufacturer is generally the responsibility of the owner. There are occasions where warranty work, upon prior approval fro m the manufacturer, can be done at local, certified service centers.

  • Platinum Coach Trailers
  • Lakota Trailers
  • Reyes Trailers
  • Onan Generators

Used Trailers in our inventory, at this time, do not come with an extended warranty other than what is provided from the manufacturers. They are sold "as-is". Our shop does inspect every single trailer that we take on trade and will fix or replace any item that is found to have a problem. We do guarantee that everything will be in working order upon purchase and/or delivery of every used trailer we sell. In some cases, manufacture warranty's do transfer. This is usually taken on a case by case application and may be subject to a transfer fee. If you have any questions on warranty on a particular trailer, please feel free to email at or call us at 806-590-4981.

Tires on new trailers are rarely covered under trailer manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer of the tire (Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, Toyo, etc...) is responsible for adjustments and due to so many different possible variances (hitting objects in the road, hitting curbs, under inflation, over inflation, etc.), you will find that tire companies are very conservative and rarely replace a tire 100%. They normally wil prorate out the tread left on the damaged tire and you will be responsible for the difference. This is normally handled through your local tire dealership.