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Trailer Inspection | Coolhorse

All trailers that we take on trade or sale on consignment are thoroughly inspected in our shop after we take receive them.  We pack bearings, replace wheel seals, check and replace brakes if needed, check lights, jacks, gates, hinges, etc.  Living quarter trailers are inspected with extra care.  We make sure that all electrical, plumbing, appliances and other options are working properly.

We try to cover everything, but there may be an occasion in which we might miss something that isn’t in working order.  If this happens, we do try to fix this before the trailer leaves our lot with its new owner.  We encourage our customers to inspect a trailer they are purchasing carefully, but should something be overlooked and not found until the customer gets home, our policy is to make sure the trailer is corrected as quickly as possible.  Sometimes this can be done in our shop and sometimes we hire a qualified local service center that is close to our customers to correct the problem.