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Trade In Your Trailer | Coolhorse

Q: Do you take horse trailers in on trade?

A: Yes, for the most part we do take trailers in on trade, but there are some exceptions. Some of which are:

  • Living quarters that are not RVIA Certified, TR Arnold or Pacific West Associates approved (sticker should be near LQ door)
  • Un-registered trailers. All trailers must be registered or show proof of ownership by seller
  • We may not be able to take trade-ins on consignment trailers that are on our

Q: What if I owe money on my trade?

A: We will pay off your trade and credit you the remaining equity towards your new purchase. (Example: We will allow $20,000 for your trade, you owe $16,000 and we will apply the remaining $4,000 towards your new trailer). If you are "upside down" or owe more than your trailer is worth, you will be responsible for the difference (Example: We allow $20,000 for your trade in and you owe your bank $21,500, you would be responsible to pay the difference of $1,500 owed to your bank).

Q: What if we are looking to down size? How do you work those trades?

A: Those trades are on a case by case basis. Please give one of our sales associates a call at 806-590-4981 for more information or email us.

Q. How can I get a trade value for my trailer without actually pulling it to Amarillo, Texas for an appraisal by Coolhorse?

A. We very often determine trailer values entirely by pictures and thorough descriptions emailed to us from customers. Simply email us as much information as possible (year model, make, length, weight, height, detailed option list, tire quality, generator hours, condition, etc.) along with as many pictures as possible. With Living Quarter Trailers, we would like approximately 10-15 pictures of the LQ and 10-15 of the trailer itself.

Q. Do you have a Trade-In Requirements Checklist:

1. Pictures and detailed description of trade emailed to us at

2. Current state registration in seller's name

3. The original title or statement of explanation of non-titled trailers.

4. If your trade was financed or has a payoff, a bank copy or lender's copy of the title and a current payoff.

5. Full set of keys

Q. Would you sell my trailer on consignment?

A. We occasionally do, please click here for more information on our consignment policy.

Please feel free to email us or call us 800-749-0522 with any other trade in or consignment questions you might have.