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Trailer Consignment | Coolhorse

Q.Do you take consignment trailers?

A. Absolutely.

Q. What commission does Coolhorse charge?
A. We charge on a sliding scale depending on the price of your trailer. These vary from 10%-15% commission of the sales price, with a $1,500 minimum plus any expenses we incur during the preparation and sale of your trailer. Without exception, our shop inspects all consignment trailers as if we had traded for it. This will include, but is not limited to packing bearings, checking brakes, electrical inspection, and washing/detailing. Any problem we find must be fixed prior to sell and the owner will be responsible for these charges. On trailers without any major repairs, expenses normally range from $350 for trailers without living quarters to $1,000 for trailers with living quarters.  This can always be significantly higher if any major repairs are needed on your trailer. An additional 2% commission is charged if there is a payoff.

Q. Do I keep my insurance coverage on my trailer while it is on consignment with Coolhorse?

A. We do require you to keep insurance on your trailer while it's for sale on our lot.

Q. Does it need to be detailed or cleaned thoroughly before brought to Coolhorse to sale?

A. No, we can handle the detailing of your trailer, including acidizing of aluminum trailers, living quarters detailing, and horse/livestock compartment cleaning. However, since we do charge by the hour to clean your trailer, you will save $$$'s if you bring it to us as clean as possible. We do require all holding tanks to be completely drained (black and gray holding tanks).

Q. What else do I need to bring with the trailer when bringing it to Coolhorse?

A. Please be sure to remove all of your personal items (tack, buckets, feed) and remember to bring any items that may belong with the trailer that you have removed (spare tires, wheel simulators, RV cords, lights, dividers, etc.). Don't forget the keys also.

Q. What type of paperwork will I need to bring with the trailer?

A. The actual title or a copy of the title, a copy of your most recent registration, and any trailer specs that you might have is sufficient.

Q. Are there any types of trailers Coolhorse will not take on consignment?

A. Due to liability reasons, there are a few types of trailers we can not take on consignment at any time. Some of which are:

  • Living quarters that are not RVIA Certified, TR Arnold or Pacific West Associates approved
  • Un-registered trailers. All trailers must be registered, have a title, or show proof of ownership by the owner.
  • Trailer must be 10 years of newer.

Q. How long does it typically take to sell a trailer on your lot?

A. There is no way to answer this 100% accurately but to give you a rough idea, when trailers are priced competitively, our yearly average is about 60-80 days per trailer. If you want to speed this up, lower the price. If you want to "Top the Market", it could take longer. We ask that you consign for a minimum of 180 days.

Q. How long does it take to get paid after my trailer is sold?

A. We pay owners no later than 10 days after we have been funded. Funding to us can sometimes take 7-14 days after the actual sell of the trailer so there is potential that it could be as long as 24 days after the trailer sells before you will receive your check.

Q. How do you market our trailer if placed on consignment?

A. Consignment trailers are marketed in the same manner as the trailers we own. After cleaning, we will take numerous pictures of your trailer. If it's a living quarter trailer, we will probably take well over 40 pictures. If it's a non-LQ trailer, it will probably have 20-30 pictures. We then construct an individual page on our web site,, with a thorough description. This is where most of our interest and traffic will come from, however, we will also upload your trailer to several other trailer sales web sites including Horse Trailer World, Horse Trailer Trader, eBay, etc. You trailer will also be displayed on our lot.

If you have any further questions or have a question about future consignment openings, please email us.