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Hoof Jack Hoof Stand & Cradle- Standard

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$249.99 USD
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Color: Green

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Product Description
  • Brand: Hoofjack
  • Condition: New
  • Category: Farrier Supplies

Hoof Jack Hoof Stand & Cradle- Standard

  • Award-Winning Product: Winner of the 2001 Most Innovative New Horse Product of the Year.
  • Versatile Design: Features a straight post and a cradle that can be swapped out in seconds.
  • Ergonomic Benefits: Allows farrier to change shoeing posture without dropping the hoof, reducing strain on back and knees.
  • Safety Improvement: Dramatically reduces the risk of getting stuck with a nail.
  • Accommodates Older Horses: Designed to support horses with a limited range of motion.
  • Convenient Tool Storage: Includes two large magnets mounted on the base to hold rasps, nails, hoof pick, etc.
  • Durable Construction: Standard base made of linear polyethylene, 12'' in height with a base diameter of 18''.
  • Adjustable Height: Overall height adjustment ranges from 14'' to 22''.
  • Warranty: Base material comes with a three-year warranty against horse breakage.
  • Best Seller: Popular and trusted choice among farriers.


Hoof Jack Hoof Stand & Cradle- Standard

$249.99 USD

Hoof Jack Hoof Stand & Cradle- Standard


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