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Trailer Insurance Quotes | Coolhorse

Unfortunately accidents and mother nature happen and that is what insurance is for. We are often asked if we handle insurance quotes and the answer is yes we do. At Coolhorse, we create quotes for stock trailers, horse trailers, cargo trailers, flat bed utility trailers, and living quarter horse trailers. We are not equipped to do RV or Motor Homes, unless it is for interior work.

The first thing we will do is inspect the trailer and take photographs for the insurance company, documenting all the damage and what repairs are needed to be done to put it back in working condition. The next step is to locate parts and put a quote together and these are good for 30 days.

What we ask you to do is when you bring in your trailer, please bring the vehicle insurance information, a contact person at the insurance company and claim number if you have already filed the claim. Once we have inspected the trailer, you may take it with you and we will continue to work on the quote. Typically these take a few days to prepare, however if finding parts or during the busy hail season, these can take upwards of 10 days or so. We do charge a fee of $250.00 to prepare the quote. Payment is due when the quote is complete prior to releasing to the insurance company, this fee will be refunded if/when the trailer repairs are made by Coolhorse in accordance with the quote.

For further information on our insurance quotes or to schedule one, please call Coolhorse Trailer Sales at 806-230-4329, or email us at