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Trade My Saddle

Visit our saddle upload page and send us your information.

Fair warning- we've been told that we are a "little picky" on saddles that we buy or we take on trade! We only buy and sell American made, western saddles. We prefer handmade, popular name brands and we like "upper end" saddle makers that we are familiar with. We also take pride in stocking used saddles in very good condition, thus we aren't interested in saddles that have broken trees, cracked leather, or needs significant repair. We do this because we take pride in the products we sell.

What's your saddle worth? This is not an exact science. Since there is no Blue Book for Saddles, we have to solely rely on our historical data, past experience of buying and selling saddles (since 1999), and a simple "gut" feeling. Here is the place for another warning. Since we don't inflate the prices of our saddle to compensate for trade ins, we just can't allow a full retail price for your saddle. We determine what we feel we can sell your trade-in for and then deduct 25-30% for your allowance.

If you have a saddle that you would be interested in trade or selling to us, either click our saddle upload page or email us at with 6 pictures and as much information as possible such as seat size, maker, age of saddle, asking price, & condition. We can then give you an estimate of value and if we would be interested in trading.

We appreciate your time!

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