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Holding A Trailer

We often are asked if we can place a trailer temporarily "on hold" while a family discusses this large purchase, while financing is secured through a third party, or during travel time to visit our lot to inspect the trailer in person. The answer is yes. We normally ask for a 5% deposit of the purchase price or $1,000 minimum to hold a trailer for 24 hours. This can be done by giving us a credit card over the phone, mailing funds, or a direct bank deposit. This deposit is fully refundable if you choose not to purchase the trailer.

To be completely fair, if two customers are placing deposits on the same trailer, the deposit that is received first will secure the trailer. The second deposit will give that customer first right of refusal if the first customer chooses not to purchase the trailer.

For your convenience and safety, we have created a link within our site for you to place a deposit on a trailer with your credit card. This encrypts all credit card data and ensures your security. Please click the following link to "place a deposit" on a trailer. We will contact you the next available business day by 10:00 AM CST to discuss the terms and availability and we can not guarantee that a deposit placed through our web site ensures you are first in line for a trailer.

If you have any further questions regarding placing a trailer on hold, please feel fee to email us or call us at 806-230-4329.