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Consignment Saddles | Coolhorse

Coolhorse has room for a very limited number of consignment saddles. We try to be very strict about the condition of the saddles we are willing to represent. The same criteria applies to consignment saddles as to our trade in saddles. We prefer popular name brands made by "upper end" saddle makers. We ask they be in very good condition needing no major repairs and absolutely no broken trees. We follow these guidelines because we stand behind our products and want to confident that we are selling the best.

If your saddle is perfectly clean and ready to photograph, there is no up-front charge. For saddles that require cleaning, there will be a fee based on how dirty the saddle is. If your saddle sells through Coolhorse, we will keep 25% with a minimum fee of $250 for all saddles sold up to $2,000. Saddles between $2,000 and $3,000 we will charge 22%, and saddles over $3,000 we charge 20%.

If you would like to get on our consignment waiting list, please email us with a short description of your saddle, photos, and let us know how much you need to get for your saddle. If we feel like your saddle is one we would like to represent and the saddle has a good chance of selling for what you are asking, then we will work out the details. You can then ship the saddle to us and go through the necessary paperwork.

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