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Tips for Picking the Perfect Rope for Roping

Sierra L |

There are hundreds of different ropes available for roping on the market. From different lengths and materials to cost and color, picking out the right rope can feel overwhelming to a beginner. To make sure you end up with the right choice, follow these tips for picking the perfect rope for roping.

How Does It Feel?

As a beginner, you’re going to want a soft rope to work with. A stiffer rope can be more difficult, especially when you’re still learning to perfect your technique. Look for ones on the softer side until you get more comfortable.  

Materials can play a large role in how your rope feels. Some manufacturers will use unique blends to make the rope feel lighter or faster. Experiment with different combinations of fabric as well as stiffness before you decide which type to purchase.

Head or Heel Lengths

Roping ropes can be made for head roping or heel roping. Head ropes are typically between 30 to 32 feet. Heel ropes are traditionally longer and measure up to 35 feet. For beginners who haven’t found a head or heel preference yet, sticking with a shorter head rope will allow you ease of handling.  

Finding the Right Weight

Most of the time, the weight of the rope depends on your personal preference. Manufacturers will often increase or decrease the weight to serve different means, such as helping the bottom loop stay on the ground through added weight. The best way to determine the right weight for you is to play around with a few variations of rope.

Picking the perfect rope for roping comes down to exploring your personal preferences to determine what you’re comfortable with. Consider these tips and try a few different ropes before you make your final decision. Be sure to visit Coolhorse to purchase your perfect rope and other roping supplies.