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Calf Ropers Shop at Coolhorse - Top 10 Calf Roping Products

Sierra L |

Here at Coolhorse we carry the top brands in the sport of Calf Roping. Some of our best sellers coming from Rattler Rope by Equibrand...they do say "Nothing Comes Close." We also carry the popular "Nothin But Neck" breakaway hondo's for the practice pen. We are not short of choices when it comes to the right piggin strings! Lyles Ropes & Strings are some of our top sellers. Haven't heard of anything you like yet? We have a wide variety of ropes also including Cactus Ropes and their top selection of Calf Ropes. We have done the research for you and given you a list of our best sellers. We might say that "Nothing Comes Close" to our calf roping product selection. ;) 1) Rattler Rope Striker 4 Strand Poly Calf Rope- 4 Strand Length 28’ Poly Calf Rope Tighter, Faster, and Smoother The Striker four strand poly calf rope made by Rattler, has the feel of a poly grass rope without the headache. The unique four strand construction of this rope gives you plenty of weight in the tip and will not stretch like the three stranded polys. This rope has more stability and a better balanced feel, with a larger sweet spot in the loop. It allows a more clean and tight catch. Rattler Ropes have designed weighted tips with smaller diameters that make the rope easier to swing. The ropes are made to stay consistent in varied weather conditions. Customer Review: by billyb (Stephenville, TX, United State) “Our family has used this Striker calf rope for tie down roping for close to 7+ years- we've tried many other brands but keep coming back to this one. It seems to have more weight in a smaller diameter than the others. Still doesn't feel quite as good as a poly grass does when the poly grass is at it's best but much easier to maintain.” 2) Nothin But Neck Breakaway Hondo Easy & Quick Installation to your existing rope, takes only a few minutes: 1) simply cut your rope below the existing hondo and add tape to keep rope from fraying 2) insert rope into rope cavity 3) adjust the Nothin But Neck to be the same direction your hondo was before cutting 4) screw existing screw into the rope to secure Consistent Feel Guaranteed to last Athlete Review: "Nothin But Neck is the only breakaway honda that has a consistent feel. It does NOT change the weight or alter your rope. It will outlast any breakaway that you have ever used." - Lari Dee Guy 3) Rattler Racer Piggin Strings "You don't have to be World Champion Cody Ohl to add speed to your tie. You just have to use Racer Piggin Strings. Made from 100% nylon, and finished with a special penetrative wax that permeates the string's fiber, Racer strings create just the right balance and body for a super swift tie. Complete with hand-sewn rawhide burners and an exhaustive sizing selection for the perfect lay, nothing comes close to Racer Piggin Strings." We sell a few options: RED EYE - 3/16" BLACK EYE - FULL 1/4" PURPLE EYE - 5/16" 4) Rattler Ropes Viper 5 Strand Calf Rope 5 Strand Length: 28' Less Stretch Core-Tech "The Viper five strand calf ropes by Rattler Ropes have the speed and quick snap like a vipers strike. This rope is made of five strand of low stretch poly fibers that are woven around a solid braided core. This calf rope has more consistency and less stretch than any calf rope on the market today. The Viper calf rope has the feel of a poly-grass rope, the strength, and stability that only the core-tech can give. This rope is the same every time, you won’t break this rope!" Customer Review:ashb (Kansas City, MO, United States) “For the past 10 years or more, I only roped with Willard 4-strands, and decided to try some other ropes a couple months ago. I bought the Cactus Ropes Stran Smith Double SS 3 Strand Calf Rope, the Fast Back Edge 4 Strand Calf Rope and then I actually saw that the Viper was the most purchased rope, so I thought "what the heck" and bought it. I love it! The Double SS and Edge didn't last long enough for me. The Viper has so much body. I have quite a few breakaway roping friends who also love this rope. The other great thing, is that Coolhorse offers the best service! I wanted a new rope for weekend rodeos, but didn't think it would get to me in time. I ordered it on a Monday and it was at my house on Wednesday. I'll order all my ropes from Coolhorse.” 5) Lyles Blue Gunslinger Piggin String 1/4"x6 1/2 ft 1/4 "Blue Gunslinger piggin string made by Lyles Ropes and Strings measures 6 1/2 ft long and is used and endorsed by World Champion Fred Whitfield. 6) Rattler Calf Roping Neck Rope "This neck rope from Rattler Ropers is tied with three adjustable knots and a sliding honda on double poly chord for calf roping. These neck ropes come in assorted colors only, if you would like to know what colors are on hand, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email before you place your order! Most recently, they have been blue with black accents." 7) Willard Ropes Treated Poly Calf Rope "Constructed of three strands of poly with a lead core in two of the strands. They are treated and cured to get that feel that calf ropers demand. They are not affected by weather conditions and require minimal care." 8) Rattler Deluxe Calf Roping practice Head "These practice calf heads are made of heavy plastic with molded insert and come with two threaded rods to attach easily to hay bales. Now available in black, green and pink!!" Practice makes perfect! Customer Review: by Toni G (New Zealand) “Very happy, product is what I thought it would be” 9) Calf Roping Jerkline Pulley "Nylon rope pulley designed to attach to the swells of your saddle (rope attachment not included) to run your jerkline through while calf roping." 10) Jerry Beagley Jerkline Calf Rope Length: 17' Diameter: 7/16 The Jerry Beagley Jerkline is available in two colors black or tan. That wraps up our top ten choices from piggin strings to jerklines! If you did not see anything you were looking for, head over to our Calf Roping selection and check our best sellers with over 65 top choices!