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Coolhorse Celebrates 15 Years As A Platinum Coach Dealer

Shelbi |

Coolhorse, located in Amarillo, Texas, is celebrating its 15th year as a Platinum Coach Horse Trailer Dealership. Although many horse trailer manufactures have approached us to represent their trailer over the years, we have repeatedly and respectfully declined their offers. There are three core reasons that we are so loyal to the Platinum Coach brand: 1. Strength. We just can't find a trailer built stronger, heavier, or cleaner than a Platinum. As Hulan Miller , an owner of Platinum, told us many years ago, "You just can't find an aluminum trailer that has as much aluminum in them as a Platinum. Heavier core pieces such as 'I' beams, uprights, side walls, and floors. Couple this with some of the most experienced welders in the trailer industry and you get an amazingly strong and durable trailer." 2. Style. The Platinum trailers have their own stylish and timeless look. Strength and durability are of utmost importance, but honestly, who wants to pull a strong, ugly trailer? Platinum Coach trailers are classy now just as they were in 2002. 3. The People of Platinum Coach. The company of Platinum is made up of a very diverse set of owners and we think this is a large part of the success of Platinum Trailers. When you take experienced horse trailer engineers, mix them with experienced horse trailer manufacturers, and then throw in a very experienced family of horse owners and users of horse trailers, you get a Platinum Coach. A well designed, well thought out, well produced trailer that is safe and comfortable for your horse, pulls great, looks amazing, and maintains its value for many, many years. The next time you have a chance, study a Platinum trailer. Open and slam the doors, gates, drop down windows and manger doors. Crawl under and measure 'I' beams, jump up and down on their floors, study each and every weld you can find on the trailer. Study it's profile, how they look hooked on to a pickup, even ask other owners about their Platinum trailers. Compare them to every other trailer you can find and then give us a call to order yours! We ship them all over North America. Call 800-749-0522 to discuss trailer options or browse our site at View our current Platinum Coach Trailer selection here: