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Smarty The Steer Roping Dummy

Shelbi |

Smarty The Steer Roping Dummy is ideal for all levels of team roping. Allen Bach, designer of Smarty The Steer, built the dummy with a realistic head and body resembling a live steer. Smarty slows things down setting the rider and horse in the right positions. One of Allen's main focuses when designing the dummy was to create something that allowed the roper to find that spot of "riding the corner" when heeling. Smarty's legs resemble a true steer's by coming together when pulled back which allows for a true jerk when dallying. It's turn loose horns allow the rider to make full runs, popping the rope off when they face. With Smarty, you can slow things down, master bad habits and gain good habits with consist runs. Smarty is fun, engaging, and realistic and if you ever want to rope the dummy from the ground, take Smarty's body off and haul him to a roping with you! Troy, our Store Manager, says he likes his smarty because, "I can slow everything down to the basics. I can stop and work on my horse, work on different drills making controlled runs. With the legs not kicking, it doesn't let you cheat your loop or swing which makes you set a trap when heeling." Smarty is versatile, authentic and less expensive than the others. You will get more bang for your buck with Smarty!