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Measuring a Horse for Sheets and Blankets

Sierra L |

Every horse is a different size and requires a properly fitted sheet or blanket just for them. If a horse’s blanket is too small, it can uncomfortably rub against the horse or restrict their movement. Likewise, a sheet or blanket that is too big can become a tripping hazard. Measuring a horse for sheets and blankets is the best way to find the perfect fit.


To measure your horse, make sure they are standing on a flat and even surface. Use a soft measuring tape and start at the center of your horse's chest. Extend the measuring tape around the largest point of your horse’s shoulder and measure it to their tail. Another popular way to determine what size sheet or blanket is best for your horse is by measuring their height. Below is a guide to using your horse’s height for measurement:  

11.0h: 51" - 57"  

12.0h: 57" - 60"  

13.0h: 60" - 63"  

14.0h: 66" - 69"  

15.0h: 69" - 75"   

16.0h: 75" - 81"  

17.0h: 81" - 84"  

18.0h: 84" - 87"  

Sheet and Blanket Tips  

Horse sheets and blankets typically run in two-inch increments. If your horse falls between sizes, always choose the larger size to be safe. You should also size up if you plan to layer your sheets and blankets.   

Blanket warmth is also an important consideration when purchasing a blanket for your horse. Blankets come in a variety of weights. Typically, the heavier the blanket is, the warmer it will be. Consider what degree of warmth your horse will need to ensure you buy a blanket that not only fits well but is also appropriately weighted.

Properly fitted horse equipment such as sheets and blankets are imperative to your horse’s comfort. Measuring a horse for sheets and blankets should be done by measuring from their chest to their tail or using the horse's height to find the right size sheet or blanket for them.