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Tips for Keeping Tack Rooms Tidy

Sierra L |

As most riders know, tack rooms can quickly become a space for storing anything and everything. A clean tack room will help you find any tack you need instantly, and help keep your tack well-maintained. Use these tips for keeping tack rooms tidy.

Use Old Cabinets

Old kitchen cabinets are a great asset to add to your tack room. They provide ample storage and protection for loose horse tack supplies and clear some floor space. If you don’t have any old cabinets lying around, post an ad on resale sites for some cheap cabinet options. Otherwise, plastic storage bins are also a good option for tack storage.

Add a Rack for Saddle Pads and Blankets

Throwing saddle pads and blankets on the floor certainly won’t keep your tack room tidy. Placing them over your saddle can also damage it over time. Invest in a rack to hang these items, so they don’t end up in a pile on the ground or hurting your saddle’s leather.   

Designate a Spot for Each Horse

If you have more than one horse, try to designate a specific area for each horse’s tack. Organize everything the same way for each horse so you can make it easy to find anything.

Only Keep What You Use

Tack rooms can quickly fill up with old tack and things you haven’t used in years. Instead of keeping old tack, sell it online to clear space for the items you use. You could even get some new items for the space.

Clean Often and Stick to It

Once your tack room is clean and tidy, you’ll have to stick to your cleaning habits. Make sure to put items back in their spot every time you use them, and sweep and clean the tack room often.

A clean tack room is vital to maintaining your tack and simplifying your life. These tips for keeping tack rooms tidy will undoubtedly make your tack room a better, more organized space.