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Perfect Saddle Pad

Sierra L |

Here at Coolhorse, we pride ourselves on our saddle pad inventory. We stock the best saddle pads for top of the line looks, and performance. A saddle pad is a very important piece of tack in your trailer or barn. Let's make sure you have the right one!

Our first best seller starts with the Cactus Saddlery, Trevor Brazile Relentless Ortho Wool Felt Pad.

Contoured Shape runs the full length of the pad to reduce stress on the pad. This provides long lasting leather reinforcement of the pad. This pad is the ultimate for long lasting durability. Cactus Saddlery uses one piece of continuous felt reducing stretching and pulling on the pad. This keeps it from tearing at the seam. The contoured shape allows for a snug fit with the saddle and the curves of your horse's back. Shock Absorbing Gel Inserts will run the full length of the pad to reduce stress on the pressure points. Stress can be caused by movement of the saddle and rider. This saddle pad pulls heat and moisture away from the horses back. This provides an extra layer of shock absorption while keeping its shape and consistency. This pad measures 31" long x 32" wide. 

Next up on our list is the Best Ever Pad line, the Best Ever 1" Kush Pad.

 What do you need to know about this pad?!?!

The Kush Wool Saddle Pad Collection is 100% high-quality washed and pressed wool. This is by far our most durable and resistant pad to date. Its properties allow it to be soft and flexible while allowing it to maintain its high compression resistance.

Another fan favorite is the Best Ever Saddle Pad called the Best Ever 1" OG Pad. What should you know about this design? These classic saddle pads are perfect for everyday riding and use as well as performance events. The OG Saddle Pad is soft, durable, offers great compression protection and requires no break-in time. This breathable saddle pad is made from top quality, needle punched wool.

These are just a few of our favorites that we would suggest purchasing. You can't go wrong with any saddle pad found at Coolhorse! Take a look for yourself. There's a good chance you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Come search over 200 listed options here!