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Is Your Pad a Classic?

Shelbi |


If you have checked our saddle pad inventory lately you'll find out we are stocked up on Classic Equine be exact right now there are 64 to choose from. Made by Equibrand, Classic Equine products are favored by the experts and athletes in all different parts of the Horse industry. From Champion Cutters to the top PRCA Rodeo athletes.

One of the pads we carry is the Classic Equine BioFit Correction Saddle Pad 31" X 32". Need a little background on the BioFit?? Classic Equine says "Sometimes you need a little extra help to overcome conformation that is hard to fit. Often times horses have high withers and narrow shoulders because of age, atrophy, or a history of poor saddle fit. BIOFIT offers the support and protection you can trust. BIOFIT pads utilize a buildup strategically placed behind the scapula to help correct "downhill" saddle fit, evening out saddle pressure and lifting the front of the saddle away from the spine. This frees up the horse's shoulder and eliminates uneven pressure points. When you add these together, it translates to improved performance and less soreness. Biofit Pads are made of the finest materials, with orthopedic grade felt to absorb impact and 100% virgin wool fleece against the horse to wick away moisture and dissipate heat."

You can't go wrong with the popular Classic Equine ESP Contour Saddle Pad. Here's what the folks at Classic Equine say about the ESP pas, "The ESP pads begin with 5/8" Orthopedic grade felt against the horse's back, helping to wick away moisture and dissipate heat. Scientifically advanced polymer core provides unbeatable protection from shock by reacting at the molecular level to dissipate sudden pressure. This material cushions like a gel and fills void spaces under the saddle like memory foam, providing comfort, protection, and better saddle fit."

If none of the mentioned pads seem to fit what you are looking for.... we also carry the Sensorflex pad, listed on our site as Classic Equine SensorFlex Felt Top Saddle Pad. Classic Equine tells us "The Sensorflex will combine the shock absorbing, time tested favorite qualities of a traditional felt pad with an ultra soft, moisture wicking 100% Merino fleece bottom. It offers added comfort for your horse and long lasting durability. With a sleek contour design, the SensorFlex Felt Top Pad molds to fit any conformation and top line. 5/8" orthopedic grade felt center absorbs shock and contours to the horse's back for a solid, secure ride. 3/8" blended felt top."

Out of 64 pads I've only named a few so take a look at our inventory yourself! Above you will find a video that goes into detail on how the Classic Equine pads are made and tips from users themselves. Now after all this information you've taken in, I've got one your pad a Classic? If not, I'm thinking it should be...and Coolhorse is here to help you get your hands on one! As Classic Equine would say we "Play To Win" and so should you!