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Professional Choice Secure-Fit Overreach Boots

Professional Choice Secure-Fit Overreach Boots

Shelbi |

With warm weather comes rodeo season! Show off your spunky style with glitter overreach boots by Professional Choice. Professional Choice offers a unique design of Secure-Fit Overreach Boots for protection of your horse’s hoofs and pasterns. These boots are made of vinyl with ballistic binding to help absorb the impact of overreaching. The soft no-turn knob prevents the boot from spinning while the double hook and loop fastener keeps them firmly in place. These flashy boots are available in pink, green, purple, blue, black and silver to fit your outgoing personality.

Special Features

  • UltraShock lining provides protection and shock absorption
  • Hook and loop closures keep boot securely in place and won’t come loose while riding
  • No-Turn Knob keeps boot from spinning
  • Nylon-lined neoprene is comfortable for the horse because it won’t rub or agitate injuries
  • Covers back of hoof to the ground for superior protection to critical areas of the hoof
  • Soft, padded roll around pastern keeps boot from rubbing and makes the horse more comfortable

Why overreach boots? Not all horses travel as they should. Ideally, a horse should move heel to toe as humans do, but not all horses can hit the ground with their hooves in the correct placement. Some horses wing-out or wing-in when travelling or may simply be unsound conformation wise which often causes horses to be splay footed or pigeon toed. This can cause the horse to “grab” his/her front heels with the toes of their back feet resulting in injury. Overreach boots help to protect the bulbs of the hooves and pasterns by encircling the horse’s ankle, back pasterns and heels.

With that, protect your horse in a fun, trendy way with Professional Choice Overreach Boots that will not only give you security, but keep your horse looking as good as you!