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Corona. Always there for you.

Corona.  Always there for you.

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Corona - Horse Journal's favorite skin problem solvers - has a family of products to keep your horse healthy and happy. Perhaps the best know Corona product is the Corona Ointment. With the emollient action of real lanolin, it has an outstanding ability to help heal cuts, scrapes, rope burns, harness and saddle sores, and more. Treats chapped, sun or wind-burned lips, muzzles, udders, and teats as well. Horse Journal called the Corona Ointment a "favorite first-line option" for treating skin problems early. Corona Concentrate Shampoo cleans with a blend of ingredients that lifts out and foams away dirt and stains. Lanolin derivatives and protein supplement help restore oils to condition and leave your horse's coat soft, silky and shiny. Because it's pH-balanced, gentle, rinses easily without harmful residues and is safe for frequent use, it was Horse Journal's first choice for baths during treatment of skin problems. Corona Hoof Dressing offers the lanolin-rich formula of Corona Ointment in a form that stays soft and creamy-even when cold-to protect the hoof from drying out, cracking, and splitting. By preserving vital moisture balance, it helps maintain strength in the coronary band, wall, frog, sole, and heels. Spreads easily-even in deep crevices- with brush, hand, sponge, or by pouring. Excellent for hoof packs and treating quarter cracks. Corona Udder Butter is an easy-spread cream with lanolin and petrolatum that soothes raw, chapped or injured teats and udders, and keeps sore areas soft and supple. Self-emulsifying action means simple clean-up with warm water. Keeps milkers' hands smooth and chap-free, with no harsh chemical odor. Also a superior hoof and body dressing.