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Saddle Trades

Sierra L |

At Coolhorse it is an easy one time process to upload your saddles for sale or trade! We are going to give you the step by step how to guide here, but you’ll also find the LINK at the end of this blog that will take you directly to the upload page where you’ll start the process! Let’s start with a few “need to knows” first.......

Fair warning- we've been told that we are a "little picky" on saddles that we buy or we take on trade! We only buy and sell American made, western saddles. We prefer handmade, popular name brands and we like "upper end" saddle makers that we are familiar with. We also take pride in stocking used saddles in very good condition, thus we aren't interested in saddles that have broken trees, cracked leather, or needs significant repair.

There are a few saddles we will not accept and this includes.....

NO ENGLISH, DRESSAGE, or AUSTRALIAN saddles, please! No broken trees, rotted leather and other damages that can't be repaired.

There are a few saddles that we would LOVE to see and are looking for in particular......

  • Name brand saddles
  • Maker-stamped Western saddles - Ranchers, Ropers, Barrel, Trail, etc.
  • Quality handmade saddles from Martin, Coats, HR, Cactus, Billy Cook, Circle Y, Teskey's, Coolhorse, Trent Ward, Double J and similar brands.

What is your saddle going to be worth and how will that be decided? This is not an exact science. Since there is no Blue Book for Saddles, we have to solely rely on our historical data, past experience of buying and selling saddles (since 1999), and a simple "gut" feeling. Here is the place for another warning. Since we don't inflate the prices of our saddle to compensate for trade ins, we just can't allow a full retail price for your saddle. We determine what we feel we can sell your trade-in for and then deduct 25-30% for your allowance.

Next.....let us help you SELL THAT SADDLE! There are two ways for this to be done, email and through our upload page that we promised you the link for earlier in the blog. We will start with the email option. To submit through email we want you to choose 6 pictures and give us as much information as possible such as seat size, maker, age of saddle, asking price, & condition. We can then give you an estimate of value and if we would be interested in trading we will discuss through email from there. The email you will use is

Now the picture taking is very important for both the email submission and the link through our website. We need the best pictures possible to be able to go over your saddle thoroughly. What angles do we need? We need a LEFT SIDE VIEW, RIGHT SIDE VIEW, SEAT VIEW, MAKERS STAMP, FLEECE, AND ANY DAMAGES.

Now that we have gone over everything, here is the magic LINK that will take you straight to your saddle trade in or selling journey here with us at Coolhorse!