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Iconoclast Orthopedic Sport Boots for Performance Horses

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Iconoclast /aɪˈkɑːnəˌklæst/ noun: a person who criticizes or opposes beliefs and practices that are widely accepted
Within the horse industry there has long been a belief that a protective support boot for our equine partners worked by wrapping a single sling around the horse's fetlock and velcroing it with a little upward pull. Iconoclast designed a new boot that challenges this entire philosophy - The Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boot. The patented double sling technology completely encapsulates the fetlock giving your horse 360 degrees of total protection and support for the entire sesamoidal region. This lift and support during the entire range of motion prevents over-extension and reduces the possibility of soft tissue damage. Only Iconoclast's patented double sling designs offers this extra protection with 360 degree lift and support through the whole fetlock area. Today's performance horses are routinely asked to execute extreme maneuvers that tax their joints. The fetlock joint in particular acts as the center of a horse's shock absorption system. This joint is protected by a dense layer of cartilage, but with every stride this area has to flex, extend, and adapt. The repetitive extreme movements eventually cause wear and tear in this area. A fully encapsulating support system, such as you find in the Iconoclast boot, helps to shore up the natural support and prevent damage. Shop our full selection of Iconoclast boots here. For an in-depth description of the shock absorption in the fetlock joint read Glenn Robertson-Smith's excellent article here. Watch a video filmed here at Coolhorse to learn more about the Iconoclast Boots and how they work to protect your horse.