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Generator Maintenance Schedule - Don't get left in the dark!

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Your generator needs some TLC with this generator maintenance schedule for Cummins Onan Generator

We've all been there. The power goes out. Things get really, really quiet. Dark. Silent. Scary. If you are at home, an ice storm or high winds might be to blame, but when you are on the road your generator is your lifeline. There's no linemen coming to the rescue. And truly, the best way to stay powered up starts before you leave the house, with regular maintenance and top quality parts.

Just like the engine pulling your trailer, the generator needs regular changes of oil and filters to keep performance uninterrupted. Let us get you up to speed on some recommended parts and scheduling. Of course, if you are in our part of the world (Texas Panhandle) you can bring a generator in to be serviced here at our trailer service shop. However, if the drive is a bit daunting, we can ship you genuine Green Label Cummins Onan parts to do your own maintenance.

Generator maintenance schedule for Cummins Onan Generator

Common Parts and Maintenance Frequency

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your generator. First and most importantly check your oil levels every day, or even better every 8 hours of running time. To keep everything running smoothly be sure to use an oil designed for generators. A multi-grade oil like OnaMax is the best choice for the air cooled engines in today's generators. And remember, when you change the oil every 150 hours, change the oil filter at the same time.

Second up on the Generator maintenance schedule for Cummins Onan Generators is the Air Filter Element. Dust and dirt can clog your generator's intake and make it work harder. With several styles in stock, we can help get the right replacement, from Genuine Green Label Cummins Onan Parts, to keep you running.

Less often changed at around 500 hours, but still vitally important, are your spark plugs and fuel filter. Find those, and other generator and electrical trailer parts here.

I am adding more parts all the time, and don't forget that we are here to order any parts you might need! Special orders are no problem. Let us know the make and model of your generator, serial numbers are even better, and we will get with the Cummins parts professionals to make sure you get what you need. Parts shipped all of the USA the last week are helping keep the lights on from Florida to California.