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Does my horse need a blanket?

stacey |

A common misconception among non-horse owners is that all horses need a winter blanket. Some horses don't need one at all, and in fact are much happier without them. In some cases a horse has more than enough hair to stay warm and comfortable sans extra coverings. Two of my personal horses grow hair so thick that in our mostly mild climate, they would be for more uncomfortable if I subjected them to regular blanketing. Here is a blog I wrote some time ago about deciding when my horses need a winter blanket. Once you get past the short coated show horses, senior horses seem to be the demographic most likely to be blanketed here in the Texas panhandle. Many seniors have trouble keeping on extra weight, or don't grow a good coat, and a blanket can be a huge help to those particular animals, but this great blog by Erica Larson from "The Horse" at goes into detail on her own group of super seniors, and what best keeps them comfortable through the colder months.