Saddle Pads

Is Your Pad A "Classic"?


If you have checked our saddle pad inventory lately you'll find out we are stocked up on Classic Equine be exact right now there are 64 to choose from. Made by Equibrand, Classic Equine products are favored by the experts and athletes in all different parts of the Horse industry. From Champion Cutters to the top PRCA Rodeo athletes.

CSI Saddlepads Now Available at Coolhorse


We've all had that horse that is hard to fit with the right pad. If you have that horse, try our CSI pads with its patented Flex-Plate. The Flex-Plate increases the contact area of the bars of your saddle spreading the pressure of the saddle and also the rider's weight over a larger surface area. This in turn reduces or eliminates pinch and pressure points. The pad's 2 1/2" contour provides wither relief and is especially beneficial on horses with high withers and older horses who are hollowed out under their withers.