New Coral Southwest Pattern by Classic Equine

Roping Dummy Variety

Gold Buckle Roping Dummy Heads

The Gold Buckle series of roping dummy heads has a unique modular head system. These heads vary from small horns to very wide spread horns. Each head is interchangeable with the neck and a stable attachment so you can practice anywhere. With the quick and easy head changes all you have to do is slide and snap the neck on and off. Sometimes you will have a bad steer and have to rope him around the neck and the gold buckle roping dummy heads will allow you to practice roping the necks.

Have You Heard of Hot Heels?

hot heels roping dummy

The Hot Heels roping dummy is the only roping dummy that has the full motion body. The head moves up and down and the legs move in sync with the head like a real corriente steer. With collapsible horns it is easy to dally and turn left. The Hot Heels come with two pulley systems to adjust the leg speed of the steer. With the back feet actually touching the dirt it gives your heeler a more realistic scenario to rope. The back legs are made out of fiberglass and are designed to be dallied on as well.

What size boots does my horse need?

Colorful sport boots on horses

Every time a new horse joins your herd you have to go through the same ol' guessing game. Is he a medium? Maybe a large? Is he short, but heavy boned? Tall but fine boned? There are so many variables that can make getting an ideal fit seem impossible, but don't give up! With a few measurements (and our 100% guarantee return policy) you can achieve an optimum fit on any horse. All of our boot brands give height and leg diameter measurements, so a few minutes and a tape measure can fast track you to the results you want.

Ranch Ropes at Coolhorse

Dragging calves with a ranch rope

There are increasingly more arena ropers in the world today than there were a few years ago. Most of us are using a poly calf rope or a nylon/poly blend team rope ranging from 30’-35’ in length. Even though some ropers have moved on from the “ranch” style ropes, there are still lots of guys using them. We have quite a selection of ranch ropes here at Coolhorse in many different lengths.

Find your Bull Riding Toys at Coolhorse

Bull Riding Play Set from M & F Western

The PBR Built Ford Tough 2014 World Finals have come to an end. Bushwacker came out on top being crowned for the third time as the World Champion Bull. This bull, owned by Julio Moreno, earned his retirement with a remarkable week. In this final performance he bucked off rider Mike Lee in only 2.13 seconds. Known as an intelligent and unpredictable bull, Bushwacker mixed up his normal routine and left the chute to the left, gave two mighty jumps, and then it was all over.