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How a Curb Chain Works on Your Horse


Curb chains are an essential part of any curb bit bridle, but do you know how they function? Most people would give you a short answer that they put pressure under the horse's chin. Curb chains do exert pressure on the horse's jaw under his mouth, but they also do much more.

Coolhorse Meets Horse Lovers Around the World


Meet the Bii brothers from Eldoret, Kenya! That's right, Coolhorse made it to Africa! These three precious boys are the sons of Francis and Consolata Bii. Matt and I have gotten to know the Bii's through the Christian Relief Fund, located here in Amarillo. Francis and Consolata live in Eldoret...they are a truly amazing couple. Francis serves as the program coordinator for all of the projects being done through CRF in Kenya. He is building churches, building schools, sharing God's word, digging water wells and so much more.

Horse Paralysis and the Singletary Pea

Singletary Pea Seed Pod

The Singletary Pea is a plant commonly found in our Texas pasture lands. It can be found in the southern United States from New Mexico to the East Coast and along the West Coast in California and Oregon. This innocent appearing plant has a pink bloom and is in the legume family. Historically, this plant was introduced through use as a green manure and was even used as a cool season forage, but now we know better. While the plant's vegetation is innocuous, the seeds can pose a threat to livestock, and horses are especially susceptible.

Horse Trending Headlines


Your'e weekly news of all the action happening in the horse world for the week of 8/25/14-8/29/14. Happy Labor Day weekend.

The Adequan Select AQHA World Champion Show Came To Town


Guess what's in town?! The Adequan Select AQHA World Champlain Show, where the best of the best compete, has returned to Amarillo, August 22-30. There are more than 600 amateur riders between the age of 50 and older who will be competing in 44 events, including barrel racing and jumping. However, only one will take home the title in each event as The World Champion.