Iconoclast's Wrap Around Technology Sets It Apart


Support and protection of the sesmoidal region is extremely crucial in all facets of the equestrian world. Hyper-extension of ligaments and tendons can cause damage to soft tissue resulting in a lame horse. As we all know, lame horses cannot compete to the best of their ability, so we find ways to prevent and protect such injuries. Iconoclast Sport Medicine Boots have found a way to revolution the industry.

Tell Us What You Think


We are excited to announce our new feature to our website. You can now review products or simply ask questions. So tell us your opinion whether it be good or bad. We are here to please you.

The pictures below show you were to go to find the product review button. The process is easy with 11 short and sweet questions. Go ahead, take a look and tell us what you think.

Trending Headlines Friday


As always, it's Friday and we like to share with you the news happening in the horse world. So take a look at our video and get caught up!

All-Around Cowboy, Jace Lane


Jace Lane isn't your typical rodeo cowboy. This all-around guy competes in steer wrestling, team roping, calf roping and saddle bronc riding. Last week, during Team Coolhorse's Champion title in the IFYR, Jace won 2nd in average for All-Around, 2nd in short-go and 2nd in average for saddle bronc, 3rd in short-go and 3rd in average for steer wrestling. Coolhorse is proud to call him a team member and Captain of Team Coolhorse!

You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can't Make Them Drink


Horses can intake up to 5 to 10 gallons of water per day. Just like us, they need and crave different amounts depending on many factors. Temperature, freshness, purity and palatability of the available water source makes it obvious that horses can be picky drinkers. One way to put it, if you wouldn't drink it, then neither will they.

Take a look at Penn State's article on how much water horses need and factors to keep a healthy, hydrated horse.