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Bearing Maintenance For Your Trailer

Flying tires!?!? It may sound interesting, however when you are driving down the road and your tire passes you, it might be an indication that you have not only an unwanted delay, but now your plans have been completely derailed. Keeping your bearings packed, is a very important maintenance item that can help keep you rolling and is one area that some trailer owners largely overlook. This is not just important on horse trailers, but all types of trailers including flatbeds, boat trailers and RV’s just to name a few.

Trailer Service Technician Wanted


Looking for a trailer tech job in the Amarillo, Texas area? Or do you know of someone? Our business continues to grow and we are looking for a hard working, knowledgeable trailer technician. Please click this link for details about the job and how to apply: Trailer Technician Wanted