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Always check your tack!

a loose Blevins buckle is a great reminder to always check your tack before riding

This morning was absolutely beautiful. There was a little moisture in the air, NO wind, and with a light jacket the temperature was absolutely perfect. So, I got out and rode a couple of silly mares as the sun came up. My first ride was uneventful, except that my stubborn bay mare actually got in the bridle and was collected, for once. Yay! Then it came time to swap horses. Bella is the 'baby' of our herd and has only been ridden once (last weekend) in a very, very long time. Like, years. So I was being a little extra cautious with her.

Noble Outfitters Girl Tough Jacket is Perfect in the Saddle!

Roosters Oodalolly at Sunrise, March 2016

I have been wearing this Girl Tough Canvas Jacket from Noble Outfitters for my early morning rides and I have been so pleasantly surprised. I thought that the heavy duty canvas shell would make for a tough and durable barn coat, but what I really didn't expect was that the cut of this jacket would allow it to be flexible and comfortable and to move with me while I ride. When I swapped my ultra-heavy winter jacket for this more moderate jacket a few weeks ago, I was very pleasantly surprised.