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Hay and Straw as Bedding for Outdoor Animals

wheat straw bales

"Two Straw Please, Two Straw"

That has been the order of the day today over the radio to the warehouse. Amarillo's "Black Ice Friday" event has everyone fluffing up Fido's nest a little with the nasty weather we are having. With temperatures like these it is vitally important to keep your pets warm and out of the elements. Here at Coolhorse, we seem to have a running "Straw vs Hay" debate.

Salt Blocks for Horses - Not Just a Summer Concern

salt blocks for horses and livestock

In hot, summer months as we reach for our Gatorade we are likely to remember that our horses need a salt block or even electrolytes if they are performing hard. However, horses are just as much in need (or perhaps even more so) during the cold winter months. When water sources are cold, horses tend to drink less. Keeping free choice salt blocks or bricks available at all times can encourage horses to keep drinking in every season. If you have a way to offer your horse warmer water that is ideal, but if not make sure that the water is fresh and clean.