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Here is a link to great article from Horse&Rider written by Jennifer Paulson. In this article, National Snaffle Bit Association Hall of Fame Rider Steve Heckaman gives a step-by-step guide for teaching your horse to side-pass. Even if you don't show or ride dressage tests, side-passing can be a very useful tool for your horse to have in his arsenal. The article lists the benifts of side-passing for non-show folks as increased rider confidence and better control, but I can think of many reasons why side-passing is good for every day horses. Some that I use most often are opening and shutting gates and when I ride bareback having my horse sidle up to a good dismounting spot. When do you side-pass? If you would like to learn more about using side-passing to gain control of your horse and it's entire body, along with other great exercises, check out Bob Avila's Body Control 101 DVD. In it, Bob Avila, the trainer of over 35 world champion or reserve world champion Quarter Horses, teaches you how to use side-passing along with other maneuvers to fully gain control of your horse.