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PRCA Announces AQHA Horses of the Year

matt |

PRCA has just announced the 2014 PRCA AQHA Horses of the Year. As we are very fond of cool horses, we thought we should share this list- view full article on or by clicking link below: TEAM ROPING-HEADING 1. El Tevo Cash (Tevo), owner Brandon Beers 2. Hickory Quick Bar (Patron), owner Charly Crawford 3. My Frosty Cocoa (Dolly), owner Dustin Bird TEAM ROPING-HEELING 1. Reyshines on Top (Rey), owner Brady Minor 2. CD Starbucks (Starbucks), owner Ryan Motes 3. Zans Colonel Shine (Colonel), owner Jake Long TIE-DOWN ROPING 1. Dualin Demon (Rambo), owner Hunter Herrin 2. Eatin with Rooster (Chicken), owner Marty Yates 3. Big Smokin Wonder (Pearl), owner Sid Miller STEER ROPING 1. Olee Roberto (Major), owner Thomas Snedecor 2. DW Zans Dude (Dude), owner Tony and Kelly Reina 3. Weavers Diamond Bar (Rowdy), owner Tim Tillard STEER WRESTLING 1. Landrys Cadillac (Cadillac), owner Frank Sterling Wallace 2/3. Last Call Hall (Earl), owner Trevor Knowles 2/3. Say Rey Doc (Doc), owner Tom Duvall BARREL RACING 1. Wonders Cowboy Dan (Cowboy), owner H.Q. Bass 2. Dasher Dude (Rootie), owner Britany Diaz 3. Guys Six Pack to Go (Six Pack), owner Kathleen Collier