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Noble Outfitters ft. Coolhorse on RFDTV!

Shelbi |

Cool opportunity is an understatement….On January 7th, we were honored to have the folks from Noble Outfitters in Coolhorse filming a show with us that will air on RFDTV! We also had the film production crew from RFDTV with us. Talk about neat people to work with! There were several different people/employees from Coolhorse who participated in this event, but one special individual would be Tryce Johnson. Tryce is a resident of Happy, TX who is currently in 5th grade. He participates in several different events and extra curricular activities but one thing Tryce is exceptionally great at is Rodeo. As a young kid, his passion and love for the rodeo sport beams through him. Tryce is a confident kid who you will learn more about when the show airs. He brought some of his ‘special rodeo awards’ with him to our filming- look for these as you watch on RFDTV. At this moment, we do not have specific dates or times as to when the Noble Outfitter show featuring Coolhorse will air on RFDTV, but as details are given to us we will make sure we share them! This is a super exciting opportunity for all of us at Coolhorse and hope that you will take the time to watch as the show airs! Stay tuned.