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Feeding Beet Pulp

stacey |

Beet pulp is a common horse supplement. Many horse owners in our area feed beet pulp, especially those with senior horses. The fibers in beet pulp shreds are a by-product of the sugar industry. Sugar beets are processed to extract the sugars and the remaining fibrous parts of the beet are then dehydrated. This material is used as an ingredient in many commercial horse feed rations, and is also sold by itself for those wishing to supplement with it. This is an excellent product to get high quality fiber into a horse's diet. Hence the popularity among senior horses. If an older horse has trouble eating enough hay to keep him healthy, beet pulp is an excellent addition to his diet. Most people soak the beet pulp prior to feeding if you are using it by itself. While this is not absolutely necessary, adding water intake for your horse is almost always a good thing. If the beet pulp is an ingredient in a pelleted feed or mixed ration, then soaking is not necessary or recommended. A much more in-depth article about beet pulp can be found here. Read this blog for more about soaking beet pulp.