Trailer & Truck Service Center

Coolhorse Trailer Service, located in Amarillo, Texas, was established in 2002. We work on a wide range of products including horse trailers, livestock trailers, flat bed trailers, enclosed cargo trailers, and dump trailers. We also specialize in living quarter trailer and RV repair including generators, RV appliances, plumbing and electronics. You will also find us installing B & W hitches into towing vehicles and wiring up brakes and lights for your trailer as well.
B & W Hitches are a very common installation around our service center. Not only have we found this to be one of stoutest, most convenient hitches on the market, it also has an extremely clean look when not in use. We also stock most attachments for the B & W Turnover Ball system including the Fifth Wheel Companion Hitch, the Extender Hitch, and the Tow & Stow for your receiver hitch.
Axles, brakes, and bearings are the foundation of the trailer you pull. They are also the foundation of our service business. If these 3 items are not safe and in proper working order, you are liable to be parked along side of the road. We pack bearings, repair brakes, and can inspect and replace axles when needed.

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Hayden Foreman, Shop Foreman
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