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With so many ropes to choose from, where do you begin? I can imagine that as a beginner roper the number of ropes available in today's selection could be quite overwhelming. We are often asked to help choose a rope, so we wanted to put together a few basic recommendations. If you have a more specific request the ropers here would love to help you choose a new one, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Small children beginning to rope need a light weight rope that is easy to...

Can you keep a secret? The Spydr5 ropes are on the way to us now! If you need one, be sure to get your orders in. We will have Spydr head ropes available in XXS, XS, and Soft Lays. Spydr Heel Ropes will be available in both Medium Soft and Medium lays.

Classic Ropes are making a return! The Heat head ropes and GT4 Lite heel ropes will be arriving at Coolhorse this week. You may place your order now and ropes will ship within 4-6 days. Limit 6 ropes per lay per customer. We all knew it wouldn’t take long for Classic Ropes to be back at it. This is an exciting time for us and all ropers! Don’t hesitate, place your order now, You may also reach us at 800-749-0522 to place your order over the phone.

With the spring season just around the corner, there is no better time to invest in a Smarty Team Roping Dummy. For the month of March, we are thinking strictly GREEN. First things first, we want to save you some green. Coolhorse is offering $100 off shipping fees for the Smarty Team Roping Dummy. This offer is good for the black dummy and of course the green dummy.

This team roping machine has turned into one of our best selling team roping dummies for two reasons; it's very...

Have you heard? Cactus Ropes has teamed up with Lari Dee Guy and #RopeLikeAGirl to create a uniquely blended 3-strand calf rope, the INNOV8! Coolhorse now has them in stock. They are available in store and online. This rope is 100% textured poly, 28' in length, 3-strand, and full of body! Deeper crowns on this rope offer a smooth and balanced tip for a more distinct feel. The Innov8 is designed to have less stretch with optimal body and is perfect for tie-down and breakaway ropers of all...

Introducing… New from Fast Back Ropes… The Centerfire

Fast Back Ropes, Inc. is excited to announce the release of their newest four-strand, the Centerfire. The Centerfire is a vibrant orange nylon-poly blend with no bounce. This rope has a great tip feel and will stay put when delivered.

“We’ve had many requests to build a ‘dead’ rope,” says Al Benson, General Manager. “Fastback is known for building ropes with a lot of body. This rope is a different feel that will have no...

If you are looking for a new rope to try, these are our suggestions. While these ropes are not going to be or feel exactly the same as the Rattler or Classic ropes we are comparing them to, we think they have enough similar properties that you might like them. They will be a good starting place and our ropers on staff would be glad to help you fine tune your selection even further!

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The new Game Changer from Cactus Ropes has arrived at Coolhorse! This rope is a white and blue 4 strand. Available in head, heel, and the "Game Changer Special" that we are excited about. The Special is a 36' soft. That is something we have a lot of customers switching to lately, so this will give the soft rope heelers a great new option.

We have 32' Game Changer head ropes in stock now in super soft, extra soft, and soft. Medium soft head ropes are available by special order...

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