Horze Nevada Heavy Weight Turnout Blanket 1200D
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Keep Your Boots Clean with Equibrand's Hanging Wash Rack


The Equibrand Hanging Wash Rack is the perfect answer for cleaning the muddy leg gear you have in your trailer after Cowboy Christmas. Made of durable nylon, the wash rack holds boots securely in place during washing and allows boots to dry quickly and thoroughly. The sturdy nylon straps and plastic snaps allow you to easily and quickly hang the wash rack and four rows of velcro make it simple to wash several boots at once.

Fly Sheets Can Protect Your Horse From More Than Flies


Many horse owners have started to use fly sheets during the day and also at night. The sheets not only protect horses from flies, but also mosquitoes and gnats. Fewer mosquito and fly bites hopefully means your horse has less of a chance of acquiring diseases such as West Nile and Vesicular Stomatitis.