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Coolhorse Cool Deal of The Week

Do you know what the Cool Deal of the week is? If you don’t you DON’T want to miss out on it! We have a Cool Deal every Tuesday starting at 9:00 central time. The item will be half off or MORE regular price! There usually is a limited quantity so you don’t want to wait too long or you might just miss out on one heck of a deal and you will be kicking yourself.

Easy Hassel Free International Shipping Here at Coolhorse!


Hey there folks! We are sure not afraid to ship things all over the world here at Coolhorse. Here are a few examples of international shipments and what the freight would be.

Team Roping Saddle To Australia
Freight $235

Barrel Saddle To New Zealand
Freight $220

Two Viper calf ropes and Two Spyder team ropes to Australia
Freight $73.73

One team rope, One calf rope, three kid ropes to Australia
Freight $80.50

One Classic Equine Saddle Pad to Canada
Freight $48.90