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Equine Obesity on the Rise


I didn't realize that the obesity epidemic in America had spread over to the horses.

"With equine obesity on the rise, many horse owners have heard the same advice from their veterinarians: “You need to get some weight off this horse.” Decreasing dietary intake and increasing exercise are time-honored management strategies to induce weight loss, but in spite of an owner’s best efforts along these lines, some horses seem determined to stay as chubby as ever." Kentucky Equine Research Staff Kentucky Equine Research Staff

Orren Mixer Exhibit at the Quarter Horse Museum


Don't miss your chance to see the Orren MIxer exhibit at the American Quarter Horse Museum! It will be here until July 27th. The exhibit features many of Mixer's works from both the AQHA collection and private collections. The Mixer family has also contributed many of Orren's cherished items for display. If you can't make it to Amarillo to see the exhibit in person, be sure to check out the online exhibit.