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Horses Choose Hay!


Cornell University did an interesting study on horses' dietary preferences. They fed groups either free choice hay or free choice complete ration pellets. Each group was allowed to press a plate in the stall to get a serving of the other. The horses eating pellets would 'order' hay more often than the horses on hay would 'order' pellets. The pellet ration group was also persistent enough to learn to press the plate repeatedly, up to thirteen times, per serving of hay! Time spend nosing about the stall was also reduced significantly in the hay group.

How to tie your rope halter


Rope halters are great for training horses, but you have to know how to use them. It's a little more open for interpretation than your standard buckle halter. Here is a really quick video showing how a rope halter is tied. The close up image of the knot should help to illustrate it as well. First you run the tail of the crown piece through the small loop. Next you wrap the tail around under the loop and then push it between the loop and the top piece. You will end up with the loop pointing up with nothing above it. This is very important in case your horse sits back on the halter.