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Graduating Your Western Horse From Snaffle to Curb Bit


Do you ever wonder if you are doing the step correct when starting a young horse? There are so many steps to do before reaching the level of using a one handed bit and you want to make sure your horse understands everything before moving on to the next step. Another factor that plays into all of this is a horses mouth. Getting your horses teeth done will save you headaches and will help the horse when using a bit. Coolhorse has all the bits and then some so make sure to check out our bits!

Feeding Beet Pulp


Beet pulp is a common horse supplement. Many horse owners in our area feed beet pulp, especially those with senior horses. The fibers in beet pulp shreds are a by-product of the sugar industry. Sugar beets are processed to extract the sugars and the remaining fibrous parts of the beet are then dehydrated. This material is used as an ingredient in many commercial horse feed rations, and is also sold by itself for those wishing to supplement with it. This is an excellent product to get high quality fiber into a horse's diet. Hence the popularity among senior horses.