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Double J Hi Tech Team Roping Saddles w/ Debord Trees Have Taken Off At Coolhorse


We've been amazed at the response we've had with the Double J Hi Tech Team Ropers here at Coolhorse in Amarillo, Texas. Here is a little "blurb" from Double J explaining the difference of the new Debord Tree they are putting in these saddles.

Brittany Pozzi Barrel Racing Double J Saddle Loaded Out With Zebra! Check It Out!


WOW! You can be sure if you are riding this saddle you will stand out! This is a New 14" Brittany Pozzi Double J Saddlery Barrel Racing Saddle with all the extras! If you love zebra we gotcha covered at Coolhorse. To match the saddle make sure to get zebra sport boots or polos, bell boots, breast collar, halter and a saddle pad! To check out our barrel saddles click here: