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Equine Electrolytes are now available in three forms - powder, paste, and pellets!

Equine Bluelite Pellets are a unique electrolyte solution to maximize hydration when your horse needs it most.

Summer months usually means more hours in the trailer and an increase in the number of days and nights away from home for our horses. Proper hydration is essential for a horse to maintain normal fluid-electrolyte balance for their health and optimum performance. Electrolytes come in three forms. Horse owners may choose to use the powder form that is mixed with water and then consumed by the horse over time. Some horse owners prefer the paste form of electrolytes for instant delivery and so they may be assured of the time and amount of electrolytes the horse has ingested.

Classic Equine Fan Bag


The hot summer weather is upon us and we all want to make our horses as comfortable as possible at home and on the road. Coolhorse has in stock the Classic Equine Fan bag to make hanging a fan quick and easy. The bag is made of sturdy nylon and holds a 20" x 20" box fan. Nylon straps and snaps enable you to secure the bag to horses' stalls just as you would their hay bags. It may also be secured to the side of your trailer to keep you cool.