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Let’s talk ticks.


Scientists have predicted 2017 to be the worst tick season in years. The reason comes from the warm winter we experienced, and the increasing temperatures. Our warm winter allowed the mice population to grow and expand over the U.S.. Mice carry many diseases and with mice come ticks.

Common diseases transmitted by ticks

Lyme Disease:
Affects: Humans, horses, cattle and pets.

Affects: Humans, horses, cattle, and pets.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever:
Affects: Humans, dogs (purebreds have severe reactions)

What are the Reinsman Equestrian Bit Stages?


The Bit Stages system helps horse owners narrow their focus from Reinsman’s large selection of bits to the right bit for their situation. Reinsman’s Bit Stages approach focuses on the horse and rider in their specific situation, as different events and circumstances call for different bit choices. The bit you use to trail ride in, may not be the best choice for the arena, or for when your junior rodeo star steps up on mom or dad’s horse. Same horse, different situation or rider, different bit. It’s about achieving effective communication and control in each individual situation.