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Calf Ropers Shop at Coolhorse - Top 10 Calf Roping Products

Here at Coolhorse we carry the top brands in the sport of Calf Roping. Some of our best sellers coming from Rattler Rope by Equibrand...they do say "Nothing Comes Close." We also carry the popular "Nothin But Neck" breakaway hondo's for the practice pen. We are not short of choices when it comes to the right piggin strings! Lyles Ropes & Strings are some of our top sellers. Haven't heard of anything you like yet? We have a wide variety of ropes also including Cactus Ropes and their top selection of Calf Ropes. We have done the research for you and given you a list of our best sellers.

Is Your Pad A "Classic"?


If you have checked our saddle pad inventory lately you'll find out we are stocked up on Classic Equine be exact right now there are 64 to choose from. Made by Equibrand, Classic Equine products are favored by the experts and athletes in all different parts of the Horse industry. From Champion Cutters to the top PRCA Rodeo athletes.