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Honored Platinum Dealer

Coolhorse has been a dealer of Platinum Coach horse & livestock trailers since 2002. Two initial characteristics stood out to us when we decided to start handling their line of trailers- strength and style. This hasn’t changed in the 16 years we’ve stocked the Platinum Coach line. In our opinion, they are still one of the strongest aluminum trailers on the market as well as one of the best looking.

Protect The Legs Of Your Horse


You’ve heard it before and I like to preach to the choir so here it is again, your horse’s legs are SO important and are SO important to take care of!! By riding, we are asking them to do things that is very unnatural for them so for that reason we need to take precautions and protect them the best we can. Unfortunately, you haven’t seen a three-legged horse running majestically through an open field like dogs can. This is why we must protect their legs while riding. Not only to prevent sprains and strains, but also bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches.