Let's Talk Ticks.

The small size of a tick.

Scientists have predicted 2018 to be the worst tick season in years. The reason comes from the warm winter we experienced, and the increasing temperatures. Our warm winter allowed the mice population to grow and expand over the U.S.. Mice carry many diseases and with mice come ticks.

Common diseases transmitted by ticks:

What You Need to Know About Tax Exemptions


With tax season come and gone, here’s some things to keep in mind for the next year! Whether you’re getting back on the rodeo road, starting or finishing cattle, or trying to qualify for the world series team roping, here are some things you need to know about Ag/Timber numbers.
Farmers, ranchers, and timber manufacturers can claim exemptions from SOME Texas taxes when buying certain items that are used specifically to produce agriculture or timber products that will be sold (such as feedlot operations, and contract logging)

Here are some things you need to know: