Before You Hit The Rodeo Road

As the summer heats up so does the rodeo trail and you can not only buy your home away from home on the road at Coolhorse, but you can also come here to get it fixed right up. A good tune up is just what you need before you head out on the long rodeo road this summer. From actually dropping your trailer off here with us to fix up from the outside to the inside, we offer it all. Not only will our guys get you back on the road, we sell parts too! Maybe you do not need to drop off for some TLC just a quick replacement ! Well, we've got you covered!

Fly Control While Trailering


As summer is beginning, jackpots are too! Unfortunately fly season is well on its way into your barn. The easiest way to get rid of flies is by moving to Siberia, the other easiest way is to get ahead of the problem before it’s a problem. At Coolhorse, we have quite a few products to keep you and your horse comfortable throughout this fly season and hopefully fly seasons to come.