Vital Signs


Do you know how to determine if your horse is in distress? Sometimes a horse may not 'look' good. Or it may be acting uncharacteristically lethargic or avoiding meals. How do you determine if he's just having an off day, or if he needs to visit the veterinarian? One way is to check his vitals. If you would like to learn how to check things like heart and respiratory rate you should check out this great blog from EquiNews, Powered by Kentucky Equine Research.

Bridle selection


One of the most common things that we are asked to help new horse owners with is choosing and assembling a bridle. For our western bridles, there are typically 4 pieces to a complete bridle - the headstall, reins, bit, and a curb. The bit is the most important part, and it will usually determine what choices you should make for the other pieces.