We are buying saddles!


Let's make a deal! Here at Coolhorse, we are currently buying saddles. We are open to all kinds of saddles: team ropers, barrel racers, calf ropers, ranchers, pleasure, and others. We simply ask that you send an e-mail to info@coolhorse.com containing pictures of your saddle, a small description, and your asking price. A representative will then be in touch with you!

At Coolhorse, we want to give our customers a great experience whether it be buying, selling, or trading a saddle! We do our best to fit you to a saddle that you LOVE! Are you a calf roper? Team roper? Barrel racer? Rancher? Cutter? We have over 100 new and used saddles in-stock, we are sure there is one that matches what you are wanting.