Trevor Brazile Relentless Collection

Cactus Ropes has teamed up with Trevor Brazile to develop an entirely new line. The first two releases hit the market on December 1st, 2008, and they are a calf rope called the Weapon and a team rope named the Xplosion.

The Weapon is a unique combination of texturized poly and high tenacity poly. The Cactus process gives this rope the toughness and feel all ropers seek. It offers a smooth and balanced tip giving it a more distinct feel.

Available in both head and heel ropes, the new Xplosion is a four strand nylon/poly blend. In the head rope, The high percentage of poly puts the focus of the weight and body to the center of the rope. This blend of nylon and poly places the emphasis of your swing on the tip and adds durability to the rope.

The Xplosion heel rope is slightly smaller in weight and diameter than traditional fourstrand heel ropes, allowing the roper to get plenty of rope speed for a consistent throw time after time.
Since their release last December, both The Weapon and the XPlosion lines of ropes are fast becoming our most popular team ropes and calf ropes that we sell. The new Destiny 4 strand calf rope from Stran Smith is also working it's way up the ranks as well.